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Your Name/Alias: Timmy
Age: 25
Character: Gretel
Series: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Character Age: Early thirties
Job: Sugar Detection Agent
Canon: Abandoned at an early age by their parents and attacked by a candy-loving witch, Hansel and Gretel knew that they were finally good at something: killing witches. Since then, they have grown up to become Witch Hunters, working for coin and thrills. With their large guns and attitude, they work towards eliminating all witches permanently, swearing profusely and hacking arms off while they do it.

Hansel may be the brawn, but Gretel's the brains. She prefers to know thy enemy by any means necessary and if that's achieved being up close to bite their noses off, she'll do it. Socially competent and kind, Gretel doesn't mind making friends, she simply tends to keep them at an arm's length. Except for her brother, Hansel, whom she tries to protect as much as she can. Tough, determined and calm, Gretel is no slouch in the physical department and if you underestimate her, that's your own fault.

Sample Entry:

Tell us about yourself in a few words.
The name's Gretel and I have a brother called Hansel. He's probably off killing things, but I assure you, I can do it just as well.

Why are you joining our happy community?
I heard you have a slight infestation problem. And you believe in sugar-free foods. It's a win-win situations, really. Believe me, this is just the kind of place I want to be in.

Why are you a valuable asset to this camp?
I'm an excellent hunter and tracker. I'm adept at placing traps for all kinds of creatures, though witches are my specialty. If Camp ever suffers an attack from supernatural creatures, that's fine too. I can kill a man from twenty paces away and I'm very good at telling the difference between sugar and sugar free products. And that's where I'm gonna stop because you do not need my fucking life story.

What do you expect from the campers here?
I expect them to listen to me. Which is better than what Hansel will do because he would just stick a gun in your face and be done with it. However, if they have a legitimate problems beyond hormones, I'm willing to listen.

Do you think you are good in a crisis? Why?
I'm sorry, are you asking me the same damn question in a different way? Here's why I'm good at a crisis. Come closer. See your nose? You'll lose it in a crisis with me.

What if the crisis involved the end of the world? Please explain.
Then we'll save the world, whatever the crisis is. We just expect to get paid.

Do you consider yourself squeamish? Please provide an example.
Do you consider yourself squeamish? Please let me provide an example.

Would you be able to dispose of the flesh of the undead? How?
Normally we just dig a hole and dump them in the woods. Besides, it's not like anyone cares about the undead. I guess for a relative or friend, we'd do it properly. It's the least we can do.

Can you perform a flawless headshot? If not, and if your life depended on it, how many hours a week would you be willing to spend on the shooting range?
That's a reasonable question to ask. Yes, I can do a flawless headshot. Want me to demonstrate?

What is your job here at CFUD? What do you think that means?
Hansel and I have issues with sweet things. I don't mind doing my part and making sure we limit the amount of sweetness that comes in. You can never be too fucking careful.


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